Adhering to the maintenance schedule specified in your Audi or Volkswagen owners manual helps you know when the brakes on your vehicle require servicing. If you are not sure how frequently the brake fluids, brake pads, or brake rotors should be checked or replaced, simply ask the experts at Auto Plus.

Paying attention to some of the signs of brake wear on your Audi or VW can keep you on top of brake maintenance. For example, if you notice that your vehicle requires a greater distance to stop, or that the brake pedal travels farther than it did previously, have Auto Plus check the brakes. If the steering wheel shakes or vibrates in your hands when your Audi or VW comes to a stop, the brake rotors might be warped, and could need replacing.

The brake technicians at Auto Plus are certified by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Auto Plus also performs brake and lamp inspections as required and specified by the California DMV. Trust Auto Plus in Albany / Berkeley to keep your Audi or Volkswagen brakes performing at their best.

Call Auto Plus today...your local Audi and Volkswagen experts for brake service, maintenance, and repairs serving Albany, Berkeley, the East Bay Area and Northern California since 1980.